Listing Management

Increase the visibility of your online presence and boost SEO

Make sure Google likes what it sees

Inconsistent business listings are frustrating for your clients and hurt your search rankings. With MyTime, once you create a business listing or publish an update, your data is automatically propagated to all major apps, social networks, maps and search engines. Online data is consistent, guaranteeing that your locations perform better in search.

Supercharge keywords & link building

MyTime enhances your business listings by syndicating your service menu to search engines and social networks, giving them more content to index. Keyword-rich text, tagged pictures, as well as the backlinks that this syndication provides, pushes you higher up the search results.

New location?
Let MyTime do the heavy lifting

For fast-growing chains and franchises, there is a laser focused new location growth. With MyTime as your system of record, getting the online visibility crucial to your revenue goals is immediate and automatic. Once a new location is entered into MyTime, all listing management services are triggered. Don’t worry about things like getting your Yelp! listing, or how you’re going to get to page one of Google. MyTime’s got you covered!

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